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Athletes Who Drink Kangen Water

Amazing improvements in performance have taken place for athletes who have introduced Kangen

Water® into their lifestyle and training regimen.

Kangen Water® has changed the possibilities for countless athletes. 

Marathoners are running better times; hockey players are leaving the ice without body aches;

gymnasts are more flexible. 

Even weekend warriors are getting better muscle definition with less strain.

Effects Of Kangen Water®


There are numerous effects that Kangen Water® can provide for muscular movement, performance and flexibility. 

Every breath you take, every time a muscle contracts, there are metabolic acids that are produced, such as lactic and pyruvic acid. 

The presence of these acids creates a burning sensation in the muscle, muscle fatigue and muscle weakness. 

This prevents further exertion of the muscle until recovery takes place.

The more water that you have available in the tissues, the easier it is for these acids to be removed from the muscle tissue. 

This can hasten recovery time and lessen micro scar tissue and weakness from the metabolic acids. 

When this water is Kangen Water®, then the higher alkalinity will reduce acidic residue even further and faster, with less possibility of injury. 

Athletes and trainers know that even small changes in pH can really affect performance, because muscles do their best work in a very narrow pH range. 

This is why when metabolites lower pH muscle function is reduced and the 

production of ATP energy is also reduced. 

So the more acidity that is present, the less muscles can contract. 

Even the electrical stimulus necessary for peak performance drops significantly.

Fitness and Health

The important thing to know is that just because an athlete is fit, doesn’t mean he’s healthy. 

In fact, many athletes suffer from chronic injury, inflammatory disorders, even early cancer. 

The high level of metabolic acids chronically present in muscle tissue could be a strong factor. 

Combining Kangen alkaline water with an alkaline-dense diet is the answer. 

By increasing alkalinity and reducing acidic byproducts, the body’s buffering systems can work more efficiently and effectively.

Getting away from the high-protein, high carb, energy bar, sports drinks pattern and turning to more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts can be more than supplying food; this new pattern can be therapy.


Super Hydration and Athletic Performance


The super hydration that is the hallmark of restructured Kangen Water makes performance amazing. 

Electrical signaling is lightening fast, more oxygen gets to the cell increasing VO2 max and acidic waste that is often stored in fat cells is easily removed. 

And this type of hydration is unique because it reaches every cell. 

Hydration drinks used by athletes have high levels of acidity, which rob the body of alkalinizing minerals and steal vital calcium from bones, cartilage and tissues.

The restructuring of the water also means it is absorbed into tissues faster than any other type of water and all the minerals are already present in the water and in a form that every cell has access to.

---Individual Examples and Professional Verification---

Wade Lightheart, 3 -Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion


Wade came back after several years of retirement from body-building to win the Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Championship.

He has written a book about his experience with Kangen Water® and has said that within days of drinking the water, he lost a significant amount of body fat and was able to train more than double

his peak volume levels with no pain, no fatigue and no inflammation.

Wade shares his personal success story using Kangen Water® as well as the science behind HOW this remarkable water works. 

He also presents critical information about hydration, dehydration, acid-alkaline balance, and the role of free radical damage in relation to sports injury. 

He shows how others can use Kangen Water® to dramatically speed up recovery times, improve VO2 MAX (oxygen carrying capacity), and decrease the chance of injury.

Shan Stratton, Sports Nutrional Consultant



He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, Cynthia Cooper and on and on.

He states that drinking Kangen Water® is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes after promoting and counseling the use of high quality supplements, enzymes, and probiotics to the athletic community for over 15 years.

Shan researched Enagic’s Kangen Water®, and tried it himself, before endorsing the Kangen water


Shan met with Enagic’s executive staff and scientists, and personally investigated the integrity of both the company and the products.

The reason for this is that he has tremendous integrity at stake with his involvement with so many high powered sports figures and coaches internationally. 

Shan is known internationally for his training sessions and corporate speaking events as a nutritionist, a sports supplementation specialist, and a renowned motivational speaker.

Shan is committed to the mission of changing the “sick care” of America and the world over to a true Health & Wellness Care system. 

He is passionate about being an International speaker helping educate the world about the tremendous health benefits of drinking alkalized, antioxidant-charged, super-hydrating Kangen

Water® from the only company that has the seal of approval from the Japanese medical community.

Susan Lark, MD, The Chemistry of Success: 


Secrets of Peak Performance In her book, The Chemistry of Success: 

Secrets of Peak Performance, Susan Lark, MD, talks about the role of acid/alkaline balance in peak performance and health. 

The following is her assessment of alkaline water....


“The benefits of the alkaline water created through electrolysis far exceed just its ability to gently raise the pH of the cells and tissues of the body and to neutralize acids. Because the alkaline water has gained a significant number of free electrons through the electrolysis process, it is able to donate these electrons to active oxygen free radicals in the body, thereby becoming a super antioxidant. By donating its excess free electrons, alkaline water is able to block the oxidation of normal tissue by free oxygen radicals.”


She continues by noting that another significant benefit of the electrolysis process is that the cluster size of the alkaline water is reduced by about 50 percent from the cluster size of tap water. 


“This allows ionized alkaline water to be much more readily absorbed by the body, thereby

increasing the water’s hydrating ability and its ability to carry its negative ions and alkalizing effect to all the cells and tissues of the body&quote;.

Water Purifier & Glass

“If you are overly acidic, an alkaline water device can provide a safe, gentle, and effective way of restoring the pH balance of all the cells in your body as well as providing excess free electrons to act as super antioxidants,” Lark recommends.


Most people, including most athletes, do not consume enough alkaline mineral-rich foods, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Instead their diets contain high amounts of acid-forming foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy. 

Because of this dietary imbalance, they may be at risk for increased acidosis that affects overall health and sports performance.

Since proper hydration is also a key factor in preventing exercise fatigue, consuming ionized Kangen

Water® before, during and after exercise can help.

In addition to a compromised performance, not consuming enough water can lead to muscle cramps, general tiredness, and a lack of coordination.


In short, an athlete who is adequately hydrated will almost always perform better than one who is not.

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