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Protect your Pets

Alarming amounts of teflon, mercury and fire retardants have been discovered in our dogs and cats at higher levels than found in humans, meaning that our beloved pets are much more susceptible to toxins and pollutants than we are. Grooming supplies, flea and tick treatments and even pet food are found to contain harmful contaminants and toxins that are increasing the risk of disease and shortening the lives of our pets. Yet, no one is studying these risks of exposure and long term effects. This means that we are the first line of defense when it comes to our fur babies and Kangen Water® is the key to protecting our pets. Use Kangen Water® to optimally hydrate your pets, create natural solutions for ailments and to even make your own organic pet food!

A member of the family whose hydration may be overlooked at times is your beloved pet. When you bring your pets along to enjoy the outdoors, you should remember that they need water just like you.

Most animals are comprised of about 60% water1, so they need to drink plenty of water to replace their lost fluids during the day. Animals do not sweat, which makes it much more difficult for them to cool down as effectively as you do. If your pet is thirsty and does not have access to its own water, he may turn to puddles for a source of water. Instead of letting your cat or dog take a sip of dirty water, make sure to pack a bottle of Kangen Water® just for him!

Some tell-tale signs that your pet is not getting enough water include eyes that may be sunken into the head, lethargy, less energy than usual, dry gums in the mouth, and excessive elasticity of the skin2. If you think your cat or dog is dehydrated, you should take him to a veterinarian immediately, as this is a serious condition.

How can you prevent dehydration in your furry friend?

  • Offer plenty of clean Kangen Water® throughout the day in your pet's favorite dish bowl. Make sure the bowl is always clean and sanitised. You should wash all feeding bowls two or three times a week. First spray with Strong Kangen Water®, then hand wash with Strong Kangen Water® Dish Soap.

  • Serve canned food instead of dry food. If your pet turns up her nose to canned food, try heating it in the microwave to entice her with the flavourful smells.

  • Experiment with shape and location of water dishes. For instance, some animals are finicky about their whiskers touching the bowl, so perhaps a wider bowl would suit his needs better. Try placing the dish in a more accessible location to encourage more drinking.

  • If you are worried that your pet dislikes standing water, you can always try a water fountain. Enagic® Neutral Water is perfect for these filtered fountains that keep fresh water flowing all day from one reservoir. Please do not leave your tap running, as this is quite wasteful and encourages your cat to drink chlorinated tap water.

  • Remember, pets need water just like we do!

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